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Get your career ON TRACK

It takes a talented and skilled workforce to deliver the best rail-based solution for the customers we serve.

Student Conductor
We typically will hire Student Conductors in a group of three, if possible, and provide in-house classroom and hands-on training to qualify as Assistant Conductors within specific period depending on the applicant’s previous railway experience. Upon qualification, as a team player in a crew of three, our Assistant Conductors are responsible for communicating via radio with crew members and workers in the office regarding rail transportation work to be performed, i.e. coupling and un-coupling railroad cars for the make-up and break-up of trains; observing hand and radio signals in the yard in accordance with railroad rules and regulations and operating track switches as needed. The Assistant Conductors will work outdoors in all weather conditions.

Track Maintainer
Working as a Track Maintainer, you will find yourself in the mix of a challenging, diverse and rewarding role. Day to day tasks can be ever changing with weather, company needs and rapid responses. A physically active role requiring a logical mindset, proactive way of working and above all else always keeping safety at the forefront, you will be responsible for the maintenance of the track and its assets with a huge variety of different faults that require a fix. A role driven by pride of a job well done!

Shop Helper
This entry level Shop Helper for our Mechanical Department will assist our mechanics and other tradesman/woman in all areas of servicing, repairing, and overhauling of railway equipment. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to start working in the trade and/or railway industry and is mechanically inclined.

Benefits of an SRY Career


Southern Railway of British Columbia Ltd. has a rich history in New Westminster going back to the days of B.C. Electric. We are very proud to work in this community and as such, we are committed to giving back by making regular donations to the Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH) as well as other charitable organizations. Each month that our employees are accident free in the workplace, SRY donates a monetary amount to the hospital. Since 2012, we have donated a total of $337,000. In addition, to commemorate our 25 years since joining the Washington Companies, the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation donated $2.65 million dollars to RCH on behalf of SRY in October 2019.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

SRY offers competitive compensation and benefits to employees which includes retirement/pension plans, great medical benefits, and post secondary scholarships for the children or grandchildren of our employees.

World Class Career along with world class west coast outdoor living

SRY provides the opportunity to have a successful rail career with positions ranging from unionized trades to Operation Supervisors and various management positions; Customer Service Reps to Business Development Managers and Financial Support staff to mid-level managers and Directors.

With SRY you can build your career in railroading while maintaining a life outside it. We operate as a short-line railway offering our employees the ability to be in their own bed at the end of each shifts.

We will treat you as an individual while being part of something bigger. As a part of the Washington Companies, one may even find a job under this larger umbrella – the possibilities are endless for someone who is ambitious and motivated.

Located on the west coast, we have the best of everything in the lower mainland. There are lots of outdoor activities for all to experience all year round, from walks on the beach and natural parks within the city to hikes or snow activities on the local mountains. What more can you ask for!

The departments of SRY

Business Development

Business Development is responsible for managing our relationships with existing customers and transportation partners and attracting new customers to Southern Railway of British Columbia. SRY handles an extensive range of commodities and materials on behalf of customers including automobiles, steel, chemicals, plastics, forest, paper, and grain products.

Business Development evaluates potential business opportunities and use financial tools and data to inform the business partnerships we pursue, and works together with Operations and Customer Service to ensure alignment and deliver on quality service to meet the customer’s needs. This customer-focussed approach enables SRY to continually grow as a company and foster the long-term sustainability of our operations.

The Business Development team’s success is based on effective communication, positive working relationships within and outside the Company, and a commitment to SRY’s mission and corporate values.

Customer Service

Customer Service strives to provide our customers with high quality service support in the management of their railcars while online or to and from interchange with our Class 1 railroad partners. SRY handles a variety of railcar types from the Class 1 railroads and manage our own fleet of boxcars and centrebeams. The Customer Service team provides support 7 days per week and close to 24 hours per day as part of our dedication to professionalism and a high level of responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

Among the Customer Service team’s responsibilities is to coordinate with Operations on the management of railcars, railcar availability, issues with service plans, and billing support. Customer Service also assists customers with managing their private railcar fleets and works closely with Business Development to ensure that railcars are billed and rated correctly.

Examples of opportunities within BD and CS are: BD Managers, Customer Service Reps and CS Manager.


Operations works closely with Business Development and Customer Service on servicing plans to meet the needs of our Class 1 railway partners and Customers. The Operations team is essential to the Company’s success and the vital role that SRY has in the regional transportation network. SRY uses a collaborative process to develop service plans together with customers while leveraging our strong working relationships with the Class 1s. The Operations team is committed to effectively and efficiently implement service plans which allow our customers and transportation partners to rely on SRY to safely deliver the best rail-based solutions.

Operations boasts a high level of talent and dedicated employees who take pride in representing SRY in the communities in which they work. Operating employees work outdoors in all weather conditions, sometimes with varied shifts on train crews, marshalling railcars, and getting on/off rail equipment. Our experienced and knowledgeable employees can adapt to changing requirements and continue to carry out the excellent level of service that SRY prides itself in delivering to Customers and Class 1 partners.

Examples of opportunities within Operations are: Trainmen, Conductors, Locomotive Engineers, Operation Supervisors, Trainmasters, Superintendents, and Health & Safety Manager.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services provides the foundation and platform on which SRY operates. Our commitment to delivering the best rail-based solutions includes our commitment to working and operating safely, for our employees, customers and the communities in which we serve.

SRY Engineering Services ensures the safety of our rail-based infrastructure through our maintenance programs which are responsible for the inspection, repair and maintenance of 123 track miles, 17 bridges, 128 public and 53 private railway crossings. SRY delivers this through our group of extremely talented Track Foreman, Track Maintainers and Signalman who work together to ensure the safety of those who use the infrastructure or interact with our railway, every day!

In addition to our responsibility to deliver a high standard of inspection and maintenance, SRY is committed to continually improving the infrastructure and the performance of our rail network through capital upgrades. SRY commits approximately $6,000,000 annually towards upgrades and expansion to our existing plant.

The dedicated team within Engineering Services is a key component to SRY’s mission of delivering the best rail-based solutions. The team works closely with the Business Development group and partnering with customers to provide concept drawings and specifications that meet or exceed safe engineering requirements. We also support our Corporate Affairs team by working together cooperatively with the seven municipalities in which SRY operates to create safer public interactions with railway operations.
Community initiatives include crossing signalization programs, grade separations, and active barriers to protect the public from unintentionally placing themselves in dangerous situations.

Examples of opportunities within Engineering Services include: Track Maintainers, Track Foreman, Signalman/woman, Bridge Tender, Lead Engineer, Track Supervisor, Engineering Project Manager, Manager Engineering & Special Projects and Senior Manager Engineering Services.

Mechanical Services

In operation since 1966, Mechanical Services manages, repairs, and maintains SRY’s fleet of locomotives and rail cars. The Mechanical Services team is equipped to meet all servicing requirements for the Operations team and customers, from rail equipment servicing, inspections, and repairs to major overhauls and upgrades. The Mechanical Services facility is approximately 25,000 sq. ft. with three 140’ inspection tracks with pits and platforms, one 200’ overhaul track with pits and jack pads, and one 200’ repair track with jack pads. The overhaul track is served by overhead 15-ton and 25-ton cranes while smaller cranes are located throughout the facility. Shop machinery includes an in-floor wheel truing machine, four 50-ton electric jacks, and all required ancillary equipment such as welders, compressors, lathes, and jacks.

Examples of opportunities within Mechanical Services include: Shop Helper, Carman, Machinist, Welder, Fabricator, Mechanic, Electrician, Purchaser, Supervisor and Chief Mechanical Officer.

Accounting and Finance

The Accounting and Finance team provides comprehensive general accounting and analytical services that are essential to the effective operations of the Company and to assist the Senior Team and managers to achieve the Company’s strategic objectives. The Accounting and Finance team also develops and ensures compliance with internal controls for purchasing, paying for goods and services, invoicing clients, processing payroll, and overall cash management. The Accounting team assists with maintaining a high level of integrity with financial reporting requirements to stakeholders and to meet regulatory requirements. In addition, Accounting contributes to the management and improvement of operations by measuring and reporting regularly on key performance indicators that are critical to both the financial and non-financial success of the Company.

Examples of opportunities within Accounting & Finance include: AR & AP Clerks; Payroll Clerk; General Clerk; Accounting Manager; Manager, Banking, Credit & Payroll; Controller; Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis; Manager, Business Analysis.

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for oversight of all aspects of the employee life cycle, from recruitment, compensation, performance management, rewards and recognition, to employee/labour relations, and learning & development. The Human Resources team provides a high level of support and guidance on employment issues to ensure the Company’s ability to achieve its organizational goals and strategic objectives.

Examples of opportunities within HR is HR Generalist.